Hi, I’m Bernard Baker. A Chess Instructor & Chess Coach in the Charlotte, NC area.

Charlotte Chess Lessons

 Hello, and Welcome to Charlotte Chess Lessons. My name is Bernard Baker, and I am a  Chess Instructor in Charlotte, NC , Rock Hill, SC and Lancaster, SC,  and would enjoy teaching you and your children how to play Chess, or how to improve in Chess. I have been playing Chess for over 45 years, since the age of 11, and have been providing Chess Lessons in Charlotte NC to thousands of children and adults since 2003.  I have taught students from age 4 through senior citizens. I serve as a Chess Instructor for the Charlotte Youth Chess Club, and am the 2004 North Carolina State Chess Champion (U1800), and the 2004 North Carolina Class Champion (U1800). Though my USCF rating is only approximately 1869 (“A” player), I have beaten National Masters, and Experts. Since I love teaching Chess, I don’t play as much tournament Chess as I used to. Mostly, I teach people how to play Tournament level Chess. I also provide Scholastic Chess Training to help Chess Students prepare for the NC Scholastic State Chess Tournament, as well as the USCF Super National Chess Tournaments.

I have been a member of the Charlotte Chess Club, and the Queen City Chess Club, the Charlotte Chess Center and thoroughly enjoy teaching Chess, helping students get better, and preparing them for tournament play.

If you are interested in learning to play or desire to get  better at chess, please contact me at bmanbaker@msn.com.

Additionally, I have recorded Video Chess Lessons and teach online Chess Classes daily. Therefore, we are not confined to providing Chess Lessons in Charlotte, you can watch them right in your living room, on your mobile phone, or computer. Please know I have sold the Chess Lessons on DVD and Video for over 10+ years, and have sold them in every state in the United States.

Thanks for visiting Charlotte Chess Lessons,

By Bernard Baker

Chess is a Wonderful Game that stimulates cognitive thinking skills, helps people plan, prioritize and navigate through processes that involve risk management and resources. In the same way that we all should be able to play an instrument and speak multiple languages, everyone should know how to play Chess. Let me Teach you to Play Chess Today.

– Jesse Doe

Prefer Online Chess Lessons?


For the past 20 years we have taught Chess to children and adults in homes, libraries, restaurants, etc. We travel to meet you if you prefer in-person chess classes or do chess classes online as well. Most of our chess students are trained and capable of successfully competing in Chess tournaments, but not all desire to complete, but simply love learning chess.


Our chess students have gained success by effectively competing in local, state and national chess tournaments. Some have finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd in National tournaments. All of our students are successful in many areas of life. Some have become doctors, nurses, officers in the military, business man and women, etc. We are very proud and thankful for our students, to this day.

Why Learn Chess

Chess can add a fascinating dimension to one’s life. While chess is certainly no panacea, it can help people to prioritize, calculate, create, change, prepare, allocate resources, adapt, strategize, and so much more. Chess can teach you how to use resources to gain advantage and how to actually realize. It is truly a fascinating game and experience.


At Charlotte Chess Lessons, we teach Chess Openings, Chess Middle games, Chess endgames, Chess tactics, and every facet of Chess. We would love to teach you, your child or your family.